Bark In The Park

Image by Pauline Loroy

Cutest Dog

1st place: 10020 Cannoli (Bolongnese)

2nd place: 10027 Ander (Golden Retriever)

3rd place: 10010 Odin James Coronado (Bernese Mountain Dog)

dogs in sweater

Most Creative Costume

1st place: 10021 Apple (Golden Retriever)

2nd place: 10026 Willow (Pomeranian)

3rd place: 10031 Fergie (Chihuahua)

Image by Kanashi

Best Talent

 1st place: 10006 Bodie (Australian Shepherd)

2nd place: 10012 Hunter (Australian Shepherd)

3rd place: 10013 Lucky (Minature Australian Shepherd)

Girl with Dogs

Owner-Doggie Look Alike Contest

1st place: 10028 Cocoa (Chihuahua)

2nd place:  10014 Hunter (Australian Shepherd)