Stoganoff Cover - 10-07-20 - 11x85 - Fro

Scott Arbuckle

Scott is active in the local Rotary club and has worked in finance and accounting for many years. Throughout the years he has used his graphic design background to publish numerous colorful and vibrant budget and long-term financial planning documents. He worked very hard on all the graphic design elements of Stroganoff’s children's book.

He spent thousands of hours, over several years bringing this kid's book to life. He worked hard with Kat on the book in the hopes that people would read it, love it, and it would bring a Great Dane sized dose of doxie joy and happiness into their day. He has a passion for his family, cars, motorcycles, and his best friend Stroganoff. He loves his floppy dog and enjoys working with Kat to share Stroganoff with the world.